The Art of Procrastination…….

It’s that time of the day / week when I sit myself down and tell myself I’m going to write some completely fantastic content worthy of calling myself a “blogger”. I do this most days, have a sit down and a little tap on the keyboard with the high hopes that creativity is going to come flooding out, blogs will be written, proof read, scheduled and maybe just maybe the beginning chapter of “the book” might finally find its way out of the murky depths of my mind and imagination and leap into print once and for all.

But first I have to make myself a coffee. Obviously. This blog hasn’t got the name it has for nothing. This girl LOVES her coffee. So there’s the tricky choice of which pod to pop into the machine – strong? Hints of cocoa? Super strength?? Then wait for it to gurgle its way through the machine into the little coffee cup of dreams (Nespresso I’m looking at you, that idea of yours to shape your cups like the pods? Genius) before I can grasp it away and sit inhaling that beautiful scent before wolfing it down. (They even do a coffee scented candle. And yes, of course I bought it, I am obsessed after all.)

Coffee made, lets sit down and do some work shall we. Oh wait, my phone pings and I have a WhatsApp message. This could vary between a few conversations I have at any one time. Family group chats, friends group chats, the daft pictures that my friend and I send each other that get out of hand at times but come on, some of those memes…… This one is from my cousin. She’s one of those who doesn’t text like normal people. This is a word or two and then press send, so you get about 27 notifications just to say hi. (If you’re reading this Cuz, don’t go changing, I love you but I’ll just turn the notifications off, the pinging is giving me tinnutis.)

Right, reply done. Chapter One. Oh wait, doorbell. Ooh ASOS order. God bless the Gods of ASOS and all their loveliness, I’ll just open it and then get on with what I’m doing……..hmmm, better try it on, what the hell was I thinking when I bought this? No, it needs to go back, I’ll just pop it back in the bag and do the returns label, maybe have a quick look at the website again in case they have something else?………

An email pings into my inbox. I’ll just see what that’s all about before I really make a start – a voucher code for half price mains at my favourite Italian you say? I start thinking about food, mouth watering, perhaps it’s time for lunch, after all I have been busy all morning?

As if by magic the little furry boss in our house looks at me with her extra sensory powers of perception and knows I just thought lunch. Pop a bowl of dinner down there in front of me this instant please Mother Slave and then you can take me for a nice walk. I give in, as always. It’s the eyes, the adorable head tilt that renders me totally useless. Ah well, maybe this will give me the ideas and inspiration I need while I’m pacing the pavements.

So off I pace. Halfway through I realise today is the day I forgot to put on my Apple Watch. These steps are now rendered futile, I won’t get my little beep telling me I reached my target, this is disappointing at best.

Home again after dog cuddles and biscuits. (Her, not me.) I have exactly two hours before school pick up. I can do this, open up the laptop, aw what is that cute pic on Instagram? The phone rings, should I let it go to answerphone? Won’t take long…

Phone call complete, two more coffees down and I start typing. This is good, this is going well, I have some tunes on in the background which just work. I’m feeling this, it’s going well, I am absolutely living the dream and nailing this working at home lark, I’m……

…..bloody late. It’s 3pm, school pick up time. Arrgggggghhhh. Still, there’s always tomorrow?



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